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Q&A: What are your goals for the new school year?
Ms. Creig Wilson Jeanette Torres Adrienne Saephan Cristina Castaneda
“My goals are to get straight A’s, graduate and walk the stage with all of my friends.”
Hailey Amavisca
Class of 2016
“I want to make new friends, and I also want to get my academic skills up. I want to play catcher this season for softball. And I’d like to finish the year with a GPA over 3.5.”
Leeann Bass
Class of 2017

“To graduate. Finish the school year off with As and Bs. Get some of the credits I need for college.”
Aiyonna Hurst
Class of 2019
“My goals is to get at least a 3.7 GPA.”
Quentin Cameron
Class of 2017

“I am focusing on common core creative projects that link analysis of literature to history and scientific curiosity.”
Patricia Barrett

“Establish consistency in counseling, increase student achievement, college application rates for seniors, and AP scores across the board.”
Colin Baxter

“I want to get more into literature and music and this year I want to be more social with my friends and join sports. I want to show how smart I am and beat the top of all of my classes. And I also hope that this year is way better than last year.”
Ossirys Garcia
Class of 2017

“My goal this year is to get my work done in class and just get good grades because my freshman year matters a lot as far as getting all of my credits that I need for this school year. “
Rayshawn Moy
Class of 2019

“Just to pass my classes. “
Jessica White
Class of 2019

“Hopefully to be here most of the time.”
Roberto Rivera

“Get A’s and B’s.“
Heaven Kaiser
Class of 2019

“My goal in life is try to keep my grades up and try sports out.“
Chayton Clarke
Class of 2019

“Joining the tennis team, trying out for the basketball team, and finishing this year off with at least a 4.0.”
Laura Findlay
Class of 2018

“I crashed last year in 8th grade, so I hope to (and will) come back from that, and finish the school year with As and Bs! Maybe even join some clubs.”
Naomi Williams
Class of 2019

“4.0 and excel at sports. I want to meet lots of new people. I also want to join a club, like Academic Decathlon.”
Damiyen Lane
Class of 2018

“I think it would be cool to save a life. I really want to graduate. I also want to help people, and get an amazing job.”
Ryan Burns
Class of 2018

“To throw away more stuff then I take in.”
David Yeroshek


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