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Q&A: What are your impressions of the first rally?
Daniel Powell Faviola Garcia David Yeroshek Benny Ho
“I was nervous at first because it was my first time recording, but I honestly think that the rally could be better; I’ve seen better from last year.”
Daniel Powell
(videotaped the rally for yearbook and fhspress.com)
Class of 2016
"The rally was better than other years. Good first rally."
Faviola Garcia
Class of 2017
“Great Rally, especially enjoyed sitting in the stands with the seniors. Goooo Mustangs!”
David Yeroshek

“Good, not bad”
Benny Ho
Class Of 2017

“It seemed to be more organized than previous years. The music was very well planned out and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I also like the support from the faculty.”
Mary Bivens
Class of 2017

“Organized -- Better sound system!”
Ms. Olmedo
Spanish Teacher

“To me it was very organized but wasn’t as turned up as last year. The music was perfect throughout the rally; all in all it was good.”
Edward Alexander
Class of 2017

“The rally seemed to flow nicely and the music was good. It could have been more spirited.”
Jessica Garcia
Class of 2017

“The rally was okay.”
Alexis Warren
Class Of 2016

“They need to have more organized games.”
Shirley Banks
Class Of 2018

“I liked it, the juniors really went hard.”
Anthony Moya
Class Of 2017

“Even though the seniors won, I feel like they cheat the other classes of their participation.”
Sydney Washington
Class Of 2016

“It was cool but it’s almost the same every year.”
Moesha Dunson
Class Of 2017

“I thought the rally was somewhat boring. The mascot could’ve been a little bit more energetic.”
Shayla Murray
Class of 2017

“I think the rally was well organized. The juniors were awesome. Go juniors!”
Yuri Lavernov

“My thoughts on it was that it was a lot of work. Planning, set up, and cleaning were very hard especially because I am short.”
Jasmine Spoelman
Class of 2017

“It was boring and stupid.”
Caleb Mead
Class of 2017

“I actually really enjoyed this year’s 1st rally. I loved the organization of Leadership with their shirts. The games were new (to me), fun, and exiciting!
Nat Golub
Class of 2017

“This is my first year at Foothill, the rally was terrific and I participate in the Hula Hoop game with the same grade of my class. The rally was loud and I laughed at the Mustang because the Mustang fell.”
Lee Martin
Class of 2017

“It was a lot better than any other rally I have witnessed. The mascot was awesome, the rally was more organized, and the band was fantastic.”
Janelle Foster
Class of 2018

“It was fun and for the most part, went as planned. A very positive atmosphere to be in. The Mustang rocked!”
Stephanie Ray
Class of 2017


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