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Kevin Clancy teaches ROP sports medicine and coaches the cross country team. Photo by Hailey Wilson.

Kevin Clancy

A series of new faculty members this year at Foothill High School.

Kevin Clancy was our head cross country coach last year, but this year he is our ROP sports medicine teacher as well. Most ROP classes have students go off campus to an internship or job but students in ROP sports medicine stay on campus as team trainers for our sports teams. ROP sports medicine can connect students to jobs in physical therapy or athletic training.

Clancy is from Seattle, Washington and this year is his first year as a teacher. He previously was the head cross country coach for UC Merced.

“I did sports in high school and I got a scholarship that paid for my education,” said Clancy. He added that he attended the University of North Carolina.

Coach Clancy also incorporates his sports medicine expertise in coaching.

“We talked about air quality in cross country,” said coach Clancy. “We avoided days when it was too bad. We were lucky that it [smoke from nearby wildfires] happened on non-school practice days.”

Clancy also has his own motivational motto that he tells all his students and players:

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

So if you’re interested in ROP sports medicine, cross-country, or want to meet a new friend, feel free to stop by C-3 to talk to Coach Clancy.


New Faculty

Yvonne Bach

Tammy Bordisso

Kevin Clancy

Otto Coelho

Stacia Felix

Ashley Kelly

Ravi Lal

Joel Manfredi

Khamida Rizam

Joshua Weiss


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