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Students fighting
Students staging a fight on campus. Photo by Kat McDermott.
Fighting is the wrong solution for immature students

From elementary exchanges to snack bar scrimmages, fights at school are an intrinsic part of American culture in our educational system. But why?

“[They’re] interesting to watch,” says Cruz Barrera, FHS junior.

Watching teens squabble on the ground just because it’s “interesting” doesn’t seem like a very good reason. Many students who like to watch fights are thirsty for drama or are curious about what’s happening; once one person starts to watch, mob mentality takes over. All of a sudden, a crowd of people are swarming just to get a peek of the action.

“I like to watch fights, but when it’s up the stairs the struggle is real,” said Savannah Outlaw, FHS junior.

Students think of school scraps as a joke. No one takes them seriously, except maybe the people in them; so why do they still happen?

Maybe we’ve lost respect for our peers. Maybe we aren’t taught enough manners to know that punching someone in the face doesn’t solve your problems as competently or cleanly as conversation. Whatever it is, it’s a mentality that’ll take a lot of time to change.

“Fights are irritating and pointless,” says Caitlen Jackson, a FHS junior.

“School fights are a waste of my time and are barbaric,” adds Mary Bivens, another FHS junior.

There’s plenty of consequences to deter students from watching or participating in fights: detention, suspension, and expulsion in serious cases.

“People who fight will probably drop out,” adds Anthony Mejia, FHS junior.

I guess sometimes talking about your problems like mature, young adults isn’t a solution for some people.



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