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Library Stage kicks off to a large crowd

Performances in the library during lunch looks to be a popular event.

ABOVE: Library Stage performers, Learzi Peredo and Nathan Findlay sing a song. BELOW: The crowd was entertained on the first day of performances. Photos by Mike Noga.

Do you or anyone you know have a talent? Have you ever felt like showing it off, but don't have a place to perform? Well now you can because the school librarian, Joanne Ligamari, has come up with an idea to allow you to.

"This idea came up because I saw a kid with a talent," said Ligamari. "That’s when the idea struck me. I thought of making a little talent event so kids could show off their true talent."

This performing arts event will be happening every last Wednesday of every month, and if students show interest they'll do it twice a month. The first performing arts event was yesterday during lunch, so basically after school, since Wednesday’s lunch is after 6th period.

"This is a good way to make kids not leave during lunch," said Ligamari. "It's a good way to let kids have something to do during lunch and after school."

Nathan Findlay, Igor Banar, Learzi Peredo, were students who performed. They were happy because they got to finally show off their talents and do what they like in front of some people.

If you are trying to join, it could be any talent as long as you have one and you could go to the library and talk to Ligamari so she could sign you up to perform.

"It’s a good opportunity and a good way to express yourself," said Banar, a performing guitarist.
The students performing looked happy about showing off their talents. They were pretty excited that they were able to expess themselves to the students and teachers that were there to watch them.

"I think it'll be an interesting event to experience," said Learzi Peredo, a singer.

There will be a good amount of students who will show up to watch their performances, as was the case yesterday. The set up in the library is good enough to fit all who shows up and you'll be able to see perfectly the people perfroming. Members from the Book Club helped set up the audio for performers that needed sound.

"I can't wait to see the hidden talents that the performers have," said Robert Mello, who was part of the audience.

So make sure to come into the library on future dates and see the talent that these performers have.



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