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Q&A: How can we get more students at FHS to participate in activities and sports?
Moore Demaria Gerardo Cruz
“Advertise the sports and activities more.”
Delaney Moore
Class of 2019
“Maybe we can get along or by setting up special games to play.”
Aaron Demaria
Class of 2019
“Have a field day where students can try out new sports and see what they are interested in and have some of the coaches scout new talent.”
Gerardo Barajas
Class of 2017
“I believe that including prizes could get more students to participate.”
Cruz Barrera
Class of 2017

“Bribes such as: food and awards.”
Lisa Vang
Class of 2015

“Make the activities more fun.”
Leanne Saechao
Class of 2019

“I think they should give out snacks, food, and more prizes.”
Frannie Jordan
Class of 2017

“They should give out free food and drinks at games.”
Kylie Thomas
Class of 2016

“Make them more organized and give incentive to participate.”
Shay Vinayak
Class of 2016

“Give out more prizes and have better music.”
Sequoia Castillo
Class of 2017

“Have it be organized and better games.”
Ilia Lett
Class of 2017

“I think we can get more people to participate if there is better activities.”
Raymond Aviles
Class of 2017

“I think if you made them entertaining.”
Isaac Sheemar
Class of 2017

“They should have let the students pick the activities.”
Jacob Naranjo
Class of 2017

“They should have a vote to see which activities are better than others.”
Alissa Rayos
Class of 2017

“They should just make them really fun.”
Daniel Lozano
Class of 2017

“Show the students how fun and enjoyable these activities and sports can be and get previous students to explain how much it can be.”
Kylee Clarke
Class of 2018

“We have to show students the positive outcomes of participating in sports. It starts with the teachers supporting their students, such as going to games and encouraging them. Positive promotion!”
Ashley Kelly

“If we can show students all of the opportunities that activities and sports bring more people will be interested.”
Brianay Andrews
Class of 2018

“We can add more activities and clubs that people are interested in. Not everyone likes the sports or activities we have here at Foothill.”
Domonique Valentine
Class of 2018

“School spirit can be enhanced by having students participate in all areas [like] keeping our school clean, having great behavior, getting involved in clubs and attend sports. These all create school pride and involvement.”
Tessa McGarr

"Provide snacks, transportation, and more materials to use."
Eric Holmes
Class of 2017

"Include prizes and gift cards when winning the activities and food when participating."
Kendrick Hargrow
Class of 2017

"Involve the parents first! Kids will follow."
Yuri Lavrenov

"Persuade them into joining the activities."
David Yeroshek

"Provide more information to the students."
Elmer Cifuentes
Class of 2017

“I think by sharing the benefits from joining the activities/ sports it will help more students participate in extracurricular activities.”
Alexis Romero
Class of 2016

“Well honestly they can ask students if they do sports. But mostly you can encourage them to. If they want to though also then they might join one of the sports team depend if they want to and if they could.”
Alex Barden
Class of 2017

“They can go to the person and talk to the person that play sports.”
Chris Burns
Class of 2017

“It’s really difficult when students don’t want to do anything. When I advertise, I just have to choose my words carefully.”
Naomi Williams
Class of 2019

“Get actually good clubs and promote more.”
Marissa Ortiz
Class of 2019

“Offer incentives like extra credit or coupons for something that I can’t think of right now.”
Joel Manfredi

“Be more enthusiastic and offer prizes for high achieving individuals.”
Laura Findlay
Class of 2018

“If people are gonna participate, you need to give then food & drinks.”
Jaraisha Harris
Class of 2019

“To win more games in sports and make it count for grades.”
Oscar Fragoso
Class of 2017

“For clubs, the club members need to actively recruit new members from the 9th grade so that they’ll get involved earlier and have more years to participate.”
LeeAnn Rupley

“Gather some volunteers currently involved in after school events & sports to advertise the activities at junior high.”
Curtis Barnes
Class of 2017

“Have more money put into the events.”
David Oslov
Class of 2017

“Do something that everyone loves, give less homework so kids have time to join clubs.”
Tyler Wedge
Class of 2017

“Give out more interesting prizes [that] kids actually want.”
Annie Huynh
Class of 2017

“Find something everyone can get behind and support.”
Izaiah Johnson
Class of 2017

“For sports, let kids know that even if they can’t afford the equipment, they can still play. Possibly shorten practice as well.”
Victoria Peckham-Smith
Class of 2017

“Get better coaches and organize activities better.”
Jose Thomas-Bearden
Class of 2017

“Have new sports for guys and girls. Get more awesome activities.”
Kevin Petrash
Class of 2017

“Get activities that are geared to what people like and want.”
Tyler Dorsey
Class of 2017

“Have more flyers around school so more people know and are aware.”
Francisco Arreola
Class of 2017

“Make it fun sounding and more fun!! And they should stop being lazy.”
Eliiscia Thames
Class Of 2019

“Make it sound amazing.”
Giovanni Powell
Class Of 2019

“First, you go to more activities and you participate in a sport. It starts with you. If more individuals stop finding reasons not to go/participate, we’ll have full teams and full stands. Also I’d love to see a foothill student cheer section -- football, soccer, basketball, volleyball --everything!”
Marty Ledesma

“Yay! Make the activities and sports more fun and do more things.”
Shanae Freeman
Class Of 2019

“Making them more fun and interesting for the players or the person attending, being part of the event/sports.”
Jessica White
Class Of 2019

“If we start winning more games in sports more people will like it and they’ll want to join to be a part of activities.”
Oscar Fragoso
Class of 2017

“If there was more excitement about it and more activities, snacks, and transportation.”
Eric Holmes
Class of 2017

“If activities and sports were more fun and we had more, and less homework, people would actually have time and would want to do some fun and motivate sport or activity during their spare time.”
Denise Arias
Class or 2016

“You’ll have people going if you would give out free food because people be getting hungry.”
Jessica Farias
Class of 2016

"We start winning more games in sports, more people would want to join."
Oscar Faragoso
Class of 2017

"Make it more interesting and cause more attention."
David Orlov
Class of 2017

"Advertising the sports and activities to students is important in spreading awareness. Students need to know the activities are available in order to take interest in them."
Mr. Heck
Student Teacher

"If the teams were better, then maybe we could get more people to try out."
Fernando Orozco
Class of 2017

"Put up posters to advertise what’s going on and get people interested."
Yuritzy Castro RIvas
Class of 2018


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