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New exam schedule covers two days and three exams each day

Start Time  End Time  Minutes 
1st/2nd 7:30 AM 8:53 AM 83
Passing     5
3rd/4th 8:58 AM 10:20 AM 82
Passing     5
5th/6th 10:25 AM 11:47 AM 82
Passing     5
Lunch 11:52 AM 12:22 PM 30

Exam periods are shorter and all grades are due from teachers before Christmas break.

This year high schools in the Twin Rivers Unified School District are using a different finals schedule.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday follow the usual schedule, but Thursday and Friday are both early-dismissal days. On Thursday, students attend periods one, three, and five. On Friday, students attend periods two, four, and six.

There are no breaks between periods; only a five-minute passing period and lunch is served after school. Periods are only about 82 minutes long instead of two hours. This is a problem for some students and teachers.

“It’s not that bad but it gives you less time,” says Eddie Alexander, an FHS sophomore. “Some kids are more pressured with tests. If I don’t know a question I just sit there and stare at it. I think that last year was better because you had more time for each class.”

Teachers that normally give students a two-hour final have to cut their final down to 80 minutes. This means recreating each test to fit the time limit unless a teacher decides to have a non-traditional final like a project or presentation.

Grades are also due before Winter Break, so teachers need to finish all of their grading before they go home on Friday rather than having the break to work on them. Even though this puts more stress on the teachers students and parents can see semester grades sooner.



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