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FHS students win four major awards from the SacCounty Breeze

FHS students win awards for editing, writing, and design after working hard for five months.

The awards won by Foothill High students. Photos by Kat McDermott.

On May 19th 2016, Leo A. Palmiter High School held the 5th annual journalism awards dinner, for which several local students from Foothill High School took home awards across multiple categories. Mike Noga, Kat McDermott and Nadia Long were awarded a 1st place award for their astounding work in their respective categories. Of notable mention are also Ali Watkins and Vladim Lubko, who received 2nd and 3rd for best photography and best graphic design, respectively.

Noga won 1st place in photography for the photos he took during Foothill’s 50th anniversary homecoming. Nadia submitted and received 1st place for her t-shirt design for SkillsUSA, a CTE and ROP organization.

“I never expected to achieve so much during my first year of journalism. Editing and writing for the SacCounty Breeze has improved my writing and has made me more charismatic. I’m not looking for a career in journalism and I likely never will, but journalism has taught me skills that I can use in everyday life,” said McDermott, who received an award for her outstanding work as a student editor.

The students weren’t the only winners coming out of this event, as Foothill High received 1st place for best design and layout. Noga and Watkins often contribute to fhspress.com and often local journalists from fhspress.com are encouraged to contribute to the SacCounty Breeze center spreads.

At the event itself,
Steve Dommer, Foothill’s ROP Digital Media, Ditital Imaging, and Journalism teacher, and the nominees were treated to dinner at the hosting high school, for which they were served a medley of vegetables, pot roast and dessert with a side order of satisfaction.



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