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Foothill High School's new Vice Principal Julie Winkel has experience as a science teacher and as an AVID coordinator. Photo by Tania Jimenez. Click the image above or HERE to see an intro video for this Teacher Feature series.
Julie Winkel

A series of new faculty members this year at Foothill High School.

Julie Winkel is the brand new Vice Principal at Foothill High School.

Winkle transferred from teaching in Wheatland for the last 10 years of her career. Last year she was in Natomas for a year before she replaced Candice Wilder, who left FHS to take a job in the San Juan district.

When Winkel was younger, she didn’t imagine being a vice principal. She wanted to be a teacher, and she was for some time. When she taught in Wheatland, she was an Earth Science teacher, then an AVID coordinator for 10 years, and then district director. She wanted to be a vice principal because of her experience with AVID. So she wanted to take on the leadership role and take a step forward and help kids with their future and interact with all the kids instead of just the ones in a single class.

“I realized that I wanted to take it to the next level," said Winkel, "and help guide kids to all of their options.”

Winkel switched to Foothill when she was looking for an administrative position and chose FHS because it has a lot of traditions. “One of the things I loved about Foothill was that it wasn’t a huge campus. It is a high school where I still felt like I could connect with the kids,” Winkel said. Since her first day on the job, she has loved Foothill and all of the welcoming staff the school has.

“I love it I have a very welcoming staff and they have been very supportive in getting me into the Foothill family,” said Winkel. The kids she has talked to so far have also been welcoming to her just by greeting and saying hello to her. “The people I have been in contact with these past few days have been so welcoming," said Winkel. "It’s been an amazing experience so far.”


New Faculty

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Mosey Clinkey

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Shywanda Royal

Julie Winkel

Robyn Brown




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