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Alex Dupre eating breakfast
Alex Dupre enjoys breakfast in the Foothill High School cafeteria. Photo by Alison Watkins.
Healthy food choices for students are important

FHS offers a variety of breakfast and lunch items for key meals.

Breakfast has been proven to help students do better in school, especially on test days. Most have heard this about a million times from our parents and teachers by now: Breakfast is important. If you eat breakfast at home you most likely have unlimited choices. Breakfast can be as simple as a bowl of cereal or some fruit, or as elaborate as pancakes, eggs, bacon and juice.

The school cafeteria also is a great place to get breakfast. Foothill High School offers mini waffles, mini pancakes, fruits, and many more choices are available. Approximately 350 students eat breakfast in the FHS cafeteria.

Lunch time is also a bevy of food options. There are three lunch stands outside of the cafeteria. Inside the main cafeteria, one can get a variety of hot lunches. There is always pizza and fries. At the different snack bars around campus there are hamburgers, sandwiches and sometimes even egg rolls.

If you bring lunch, there just as many options as hot lunches. The most common of school-brought lunches is a classic sandwich. Many may think that they are limited to having a just a sandwich, but there are many other options. Some lunches brought from home that I've noticed are salads, noodle cups, and quite often last night's leftovers. The classic anything sandwich will most definately get squished when thrown into a backpack. An easy fix is a tupperware box. It protects the sandwich and still has room for snacks.

Whether you bring your lunch, get your full meal, or possibly just a snack or treat, there is a lot of food available at Foothill High. So come into school early and have some breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day, so we are told.



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