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Q&A: What motivates you to go to school?
Yekenia Rodriguez Tom Cao Priscilla Ruiz Cruz Barrera
“To graduate high school and do my best. To be someone in the future.”
Yekenia Rodriguez, 2017
“I come to school because I like driving to school.”
Tom Cao, 2017

“I come to school because I want a bright future and a good career once I graduate.”
Priscilla Ruiz, 2018
“What motivates me to go to school is my family because they are always pushing me to do my best.”
Cruz Barrera, 2017

“I come to school because my parents force me to.”
Shenghai Vang, 2017

“I come to school because I have more options once I graduate.”
Marisse Jackson, 2018

“I come to school because I like coming and seeing my friends.”
Irene Petrenko, 2017

“I’m motivated to come to school so I can graduate on time. The sooner I graduate, the sooner I get a career and I succeed.”
Mary Bivens, 2017

“Wanting to graduate, making my mom proud.”
Marquel Banks, 2016

“To accomplish all my goals in life and to be someone.”
Yekenia Rodriguez, 2016

“To graduate and become rich in the future and to make my family proud.”
Melissa Rayos, 2016

“Wanting to be successful later on life.”
Jon Marich, 2016

“My paycheck and to interact with my peers and my daily bike ride.”
Joanne Ligamari, Teacher Librarian

“I know that school is a component to my future, so I know I must attend it every day. I also enjoy learning new things and learning with my peers.”
James Chen, 2017

“I am motivated to come to school for the slight chance that I can be successful in life. The slight chance that improve the life of my family and mine.”
Gerardo Barajas, 2017

“My friends motivate me to be honest because I would never come.”
Jasmine Brooks, 2019

“My friends motivate me because the push me to do better and they make me happy.”
Selia Armenta, 2019

“My mom will kick me out if I don’t.”
Shaena Morgan, 2017

“I want to get into a university.”
Akylah August, 2018

“I am a senior so I need to graduate from high school.”
Jaydee Alop, 2017

“To be prepared for the real world.”
Stephanie Cruz, 2017

“Learning plenty of important information”
Brandon Campbell, 2017

“I enjoy spending time with my friends, even if it is only for a single period.”
Zane Medeiros, 2017

“I like participating in band and seeing all my friends.”
Erick Sosa, 2018

“I only come because of my friends and band.”
Eowyn Mateo, 2017

“I go to school with the hopes to learn valuable life skills and possibly influence my future.”
Izaiah Johnson, 2017

“I go for music and spending time with the people I love and relate to.”
Jessica Jimenez, 2019

“Knowing that I want to have a bright future ahead of me.”
Tanesha Lowery, 2018

“Knowing that I want to go to college and put my mom in a house and become a pharmacist.”
Stephena Wardsworth, 2019

“So I can have a great future ahead of me.”
Siasaga Iliili, 2018

“Because I want a career.”
Emely Espinose, 2019

“My friends motivate me to come to school, they encourage me to take rigorous classes and do well in them.”
Karina Garza, 2017

“Along with my friends, knowing that each year I am getting closer to achieving my dreams in my career by graduating and making my family proud motivates me to get up and go to school.”
Josephina Spruill, 2017

“Other than getting a much better education, sports is my one other motivation for coming to school and getting my grades.”
Francisco Arreola, 2017

“What motivates me is going to college and my future job.”
Sara Xiong, 2017

“Along with my friends, knowing that each year I am getting close to achieving my dreams in my career by graduating and making my family proud motivates me to get up and go to school.”
Josephina Spruill, 2017


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