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Q&A: What course should be offered at Foothill High School
Bryan Alvarez Jasmine Spoelman Nate Clemons Carlos Merced
“I would like sculpting class because you can get down and dirty, but be creative at the same time.”
Bryan Alvarez, 2017
“I think dance would be a great thing to add to Foothill High School. It could count towards P.E credits.”
Jasmine Spoelman, 2017

“Foothill should offer an auto-mechanics course. It will help students know how to deal with vehicle problems later on.”
Nate Clemons, 2017
“Dance should be a course foothill should have because a lot of people like to dance and it’s a positive thing in all aspects.”
Carlos Merced, 2018

“Auto Shop and more industrial arts.”
Eric Marfull, Faculty

“German, because it was a fun class my sophomore year.”
Marquel Banks, 2017

“I wish there was drum class.”
Joseph Molina, 2017

“Cosmetology because I would love to work with hair.”
Akylah August, 2016

“A driving class so we can learn how to drive.”
Pamela Moody, 2017

“I think they should offer dance because it would give girls and boys that like to dance, an opportunity to see how it feels.”
Claudia Hernandez, 2020

“I believe Foothill should offer Tagalog as another language so I can understand what she’s (my mom) saying when she’s yelling at me”
Evelyn Madelleyos, 2019

“Foothill should offer driver’s ed. because a lot of students don’t know how to drive, and some students don’t have the opportunity to learn.”
Haven Burnett, 2018

“Foothill should offer black history as a world history, because they offer Euro so it only seems right to offer black history.”
Lenell Richardson, 2018

“I think mechanics should be added as it is an important skill to learn for the future.”
Fernando Orozco, 2017

“Drivers education should be provided at Foothill High School. Knowing how to drive properly is important. Students need to learn to be safe when conducting a car.”
Karina Garza, 2017

“Russian class should be offered at Foothill. We don’t have enough English classes.”
Alla Tsakke, 2017

“A culture class that talks about the importance of respecting other cultures and traditions.”
Mary Bivens, 2017

“Mechanics should be offered to know the basics of how car works and to be able to do simple stuff such as tune ups.”
Shenghai Vang, 2017

“Driver's education should be offered in our school to make getting a driver’s license easier on student.”
Autumn Wesley, 2017

“There should be a programming class at Foothill. This would allow students to learn how to properly use a computer with few problems.”
Zane Medeiros, 2017

“There should be computer science classes. As engineering and technology advance in the near future, the school should as well.”
Tom Cao, 2017

“Hands-on electives, such as 3-D design or woodshop. Maybe a class on etiquette and kindness.”
Colin Baxter, Counselor

“Driver’s ed., math-essential life skills (budgeting/business, personal finance, etc.), auto shop!”
Exur De Mayo, Teacher

“A ROTC course should be offered.”
Helen Handy, 2017

“A dance/team class should be offered.”
Yessica Anguiano, 2017

“Our school should have a driver’s ed. class for students at Foothill.”
Jennie Vongvilay, 2017

“More diverse languages should be offered at out high school. (i.e. Punjabi, Mandarin, Hmung, Laos, Russian, etc.).”
Karina Mahey, 2017

“A massage class should be offered to teach students how to give massages.”
Kamrie Watkins, 2017

“I think we should have ceramics because it teaches a sense of creativity.”
Kaleb Meade, 2017

“Foothill High should offer geography because people should know what countries are where around the world.”
Irina Ukolova, 2017

“Home economics. I would love to learn how to balance a checkbook or how to just budget myself in general. I want to learn simple life skills.”
Izaiah Johnson, 2017

“Ceramics should be offered at Foothill. Ceramics was one of the more fun classes that I took my freshman year, and it would be nice to make it return.”
Gerardo Barajas, 2017

“Drivers ed. should be offered. Teens need an easier way to learn to drive.”
Zach Gray, 2018

“Dance class should be offered at Foothill High School.”
Annie Huynh, 2017

“A drama class that does school plays should be offered at Foothill High School.”
Karina Garza, 2017

“I think FHS should have dance team/class because dance is a fun and physical activity.”
Raina Currie, 2017

“FHS should have a music production class for student who are talented because Foothill has a lot of kids who could be singers and rappers.”
Veronica Petechuts, 2018

“Foothill should have a cosmetic class for makeup and hair.”
Anaya Corbray, 2018

“FHS should have a college prep class that talks about college requirements, scholarships, and etc.”
Jordan Reed, 2018


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