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Q&A: What should be done about the trash problem at FHS?
Jordan Reed Stephanie Ray Joseph Molina Dejah King
“Better janitorial service.”
Jordan Reed, 2018
“Detentions given to those who litter. Make them clean up after school.”
Stephanie Ray, 2017
“More snacks without wrappers to reduce littering.”
Joseph Molina, 2017
“Students should be rewarded for picking up trash.”
Dejah King, 2017

“Instead of having our kids do nothing during detention, you can have them pick up trash around the school for that amount of time.”
Exur DeMayo, faculty

“Start a community service club at Foothill High School.”
James Chhen, 2017

“Find where there is the most amount of trash, and put a trash can there.”
Shenghai Vang, 2017

“There could be more trash cans so that wherever you decide to eat, there is a trash can there.”
Fernando Orozco, 2017

“Have PSO officers patrolling the school with the help of teachers and whoever doesn’t throw away their trash give them detention.”
Jesus Mascareno, 2017

“I will be an active protester and make posters and inform other students to throw away trash.”
Irene Petrenko, 2017

“Tell people not to be trash.”
Zach Gray, 2018

“Put more trash cans out and add recycle bins.”
Aly Perez, 2017

“Give referrals to people who litter so it’s on their record.”
Vincent Hibbard, 2017

“Make picking up trash after an school activity with a reward system; extra credit.”
Rodrigo Soria Castro, 2017

“There should be more trash cans placed to prevent people from littering.”
Carolina Bautista, 2018

“There should be a trash can at every corner to prevent trash problems.”
Jessenia Bautista, 2018

“It should be picked up.”
Jackson Brandt, 2018

“More trash cans in new locations.”
Justin Huerta, 2018

“There shouldn’t be food allowed all around campus if people aren’t picking up their trash.”
Alondra Espinoza, 2018

“Assign the job to clean-up the school to key club or make the students from detention to do it.”
Zack Johnston, 2017

“Just make it in the trash can…”
Tom Cao, 2017

“Create a clean-up club to help the custodians with their job.”
Zane Medeiros, 2017

“Educate students on why throwing the trash into the appropriate containers is helpful to the environment. Educate students on why littering is bad and you get fined in the real world.”
Gerardo Barajas, 2017

“Promote some sort of incentive for keeping the school clean and the waste in the trash.”
Mary Bivens, 2017

“Students should be held after class or school to clean up the mess they made.”
Karina Mahey, 2017

“Just assume anyone who can’t throw their garbage into the trash is a little slower than everyone else, and therefore they need to be taught a lesson.”
Erick Sosa, 2018

“Student should get detention when getting caught Littering.”
Kendrick Hargrow, 2017

“Students should clean up after themselves.”
Raina Currie, 2017

“More trash cans.”
Salma Sanchez, 2017

"All students should eat in the cafeteria and adjacent designated areas near the quad. The problem is that students are allowed to eat, willy-nilly, all over the campus. Eliminate that practice and the campus will look better immediately."
Steve Dommer, faculty


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