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A bee landing on a flower. This picture was accepted as photo of the week. Photo by Kat McDermott.
The capturing of the photos of the week and month

How photos of the week and month are created and chosen.

Here at Foothill Senior High on our news website, fhspress.com, there is a LINK in the upper right-hand corner that will successfully take you to see our photos of the week.

The photos that you see will be by students that attend Foothill, also, these photos will be of different events, objects, and nature. These photos are under two categories, which are photos of the week and photo of the month. Each student has to describe why they took the photo and what they did to get the perfect picture.

“I like the photo I captured of number 24, simply because he's in action, with the ball getting ready to land in his hands. The photo really shows what he's doing, along with having not only his team in the background but the opponents as well,” said Angelica Suarez, a photo of the week winner.

Photos of the week is a process of which students from photo classes take pictures on their phone or on a camera that teacher, Steve Dommer, lends the students. If you think your photos are good enough to be a photo of the week, come into Dommer's class and ask about how you can submit your photos.

Photo of the month winners so far include Alison Watkins, Irene Petrenko, and Rickie Como. Their photos began as photo of the week among the other photos by competitors such as Sahara Peters, Paige Watkins, David Narcorda, Kristina Pyavka, Suarez, Ester Hayley, Karen Tapia, Cecila Rios, and Noah Stoicoff.

At the end of each month the photos of the week that are chosen will be judged and scored for the final time. To determine a winner and the photo will be photo of the month. Each month there will be a different prize.

Photo of the year is the finale, the photo of the year has a different outlook, it will be determined at the end of the year by a different set of judges. They will look at all the photos that were photo of the month and judge which of these photos will be photo of the year. At the end of the year a winner is chosen.



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