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Q&A: What would make your high school experience better?
William Lum JaVance Butler Robert Mello Dejah King
“My high school experience would have been better if I had taken classes more serious. You don’t have time to go back and do it again.”
William Lum, Faculty
“The administration staff.”
JaVance Butler, 2017
“More sports selections, including the ones we have now.”
Robert Mello, 2017
“Bathrooms, the kids be wildin.”
Ty’zaun Gaines, 2017

“If we could have more hands on projects like other schools such as Antelope.”
Julian Ortega 2018

“I would love to have a cosmetics club and I would be the leader.”
Yumari Molina 2017

“If we could go back to late start Wednesdays it would be great because I hate waking up early.”
Gerardo Barajas 2017

“More organized sport events, powderpuffs.”
Fernando Orozco 2017

“It’s better if teachers don’t have favorites.”
Tom Cao 2017

“Starting school at a later time would make my high school experience better.”
Laura Sainz, 2018

“Better school lunch and more engaging teachers would make my high school experience better.”
Fatima Sanchez, 2018

“My high school experience would be better if we were to have more engaging teachers and more spirit.”
Angelica Suarez, 2018

“If teachers were more willing to take the time to create closer connections with students which could encourage us to be more spirited.”
Cecilia Rios, 2018

“High school would be better if teachers didn’t expect the same thing out of every student and they helped the students learn in a way that benefits the student the best.”
Kristina Pyavka, 2018

“More high school activities.”
Edna Fonseca, 2020

“Make classes shorter or get rid of early out Wednesday.”
Jack Newman, 2020

“Fried chicken for lunch and more financial help and fundraisers before school wide events.”
Adrienne Maxwell 2020

“Smaller classes, more spirt weeks/events”
Alex Dupre’, 2020

“Better food, get out at 12:37 every day and have more school events”
Isaiah Quinn, 2020

“Starting a little bit later. Also, some teachers need to cool it, you don’t have to be mean. :/”
De’ Joynae Rice, 2017

“Shorter math classes and longer lunch breaks.”
Mariah Duran, 2019

“Longer breaks, shorter gym periods.”
Tiara Tanaka, 2020

“Better lunches, more hands on work, and less time in classes,"
David Ramey, 2017

“A later start time will promote learning. A 10-minute break after 2nd period will allow students and staff to refresh themselves and take care of personal needs and be ready for 3rd period. All of this is based on research.”
Exur DeMayo, Faculty

“Having more extra-curricular classes would make my high school experience better.”
Ester Haley, 2017

“I feel like my high school experience would be better if we had longer passing periods, a longer lunch, and an open campus.”
Brooklynne Hill, 2017

“My high school experience would be better if there were more electives.”
Melissa Rayos, 2017

“More respectful students who respect the teachers and what they try to do.”
Anthony Mejia, 2017

“What would make my high school experience better is more school spirit shirts & fair dress code for girls.”
Vira Leota, 2018

“What would my high school experience better, would be if all the drama and fighting stopped and sending kids off to Pacific if they cause problems here at Foothill.
Destany Quitugua, 2018

“I think having more fun activities at lunch and having more fun rallys.”
Joel Rodriguez, 2018

“It would be better if there were more electives like Drivers Ed, or Army training.”
Tyreak Lewis, 2017

"Nicer people caring about their school."
Ariahna Brown, 2018

"Playing sports in the gym."
Catherine Nye, 2019

"Make sure there’s no bad kids. The school needs more art classes."
Sessica Alvarado, 2020

"My high school experience better is everyone to have good grades and be caring to people’s and the school be clean and be better kids in high school."
Elena Salcedo, 2017

"More pride in our school. Everyone can keep our school campus clean."
Mrs. Keisha Woods, FAC

“Better food.”
Mozett Coleman, 2017

“Nap time!”
Aly Perez, 2017

“More spirit weeks and rallies!”
Cruz Barrera, 2017

“More involvement in spirit to encourage other students to participate.”
Annie Hyunh, 2017

“More students participating in spirit weeks and dressing up for rallies.”
Karina Mahey, 2017

“More clubs and class flexibility.”
Izaiah Johnson, 2017



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