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Student giving a speech in the library. Photo by Kat McDermott.
Seniors run political campaigns for 2016 elections

Instead of a senior project, students in the Class of 2017 worked in groups to create websites for a campain of their choice.

All seniors have senior projects that they work on that usually includes group work, research, and extensive planning. Because this year is an election year, one of every senior’s project is a political campaign. These campaigns are based on presidential candidates, propositions, governor candidates, mayoral candidates, and everything in between.

Each group has created a website for their candidate or proposition, complete with endorsements, a 30 second commercial, an introductory speech, a main speech, posters, and other information. Each group also had to present their commercial and speeches in front of their class in the library.

“When I saw other groups presenting I learned a lot more about the other candidates and propositions… Not also do you learn about the ideas behind the other propositions but you learn about how to manage a campaign,” said senior, Zane Medeiros.

Working in a group with several other people has proven challenging for most students. Each student has their own part assigned; so you have to trust them enough to do it right or spend every moment breathing down their neck to make sure you get a good group grade.

“I would say that the hardest part of the project would be, the hardest part for every group, would be trying to rally your group members together,” says Medeiros. “Some group members are really good about working and some people might not be so good. Getting your group members to cooperate with each other. Even if you’re in a group with your friends, it can be very difficult to get them to do their part.”

Conflicting schedules get in the way too, many seniors are working or involved in sports, but that’s the point. The purpose of the project isn’t just to see if students can create the site, but also see if they can compromise, manage time, and work in a group.

The project also forces most of the seniors to learn a skill the never had before like using Photoshop, InDesign, creating websites, and public speaking skills.

“Probably picking out what route I wanted with the video was the hardest part,” says another senior, Izaiah Johnson.

Some in the Class of 2017 are already 18, so the political campaign also informed them about the choices they’ll make during this year’s election. Even if majority of the class isn’t voting this year, now they’re prepared to educate themselves for the 2020 election.



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