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Hayley Reese Akyiah August Alyssa HArcourt Domonique Valentine
"I feel that Trump will bring a negative change and alter how other countries look at us."
Hayley Reese, 2019
"Honestly, I think Trump is plotting to destroy our country and the way we live, he will think it’s to “make America great again”, when it’s really going to destroy us as a whole."
Akyiah August, 2018
"Well I feel like he has potential, Russia decided not to have war with us because he was elected so."
Alyssa Harcourt, 2018
"I think the poor people will suffer more. He will become greedier than what he already is. I think the country will have a tragic change."
Domonique Valentine, 2018

“President Trump wasn’t my choice, but I’m willing to give him a chance. I hope he receives wise council and makes the right decisions in light of the circumstances. I also hope for unity among our fellow citizens.”
Exur DeMayo, Faculty

“President Trump has to make sure that within his first 100 days in office “unite the country” to push forward and make changes.”
Alejandro Gutierrez, Faculty

“I’m excited to see what Trump will due come this January. He was my initial choice and I just hope he follows through on the promises he made.”
Autumn Wesley, 2017

“I am happy that the election is over- no more campaign ads. I’m concerned about pre-elect Trump’s ability to lead, but I’m hopeful he’ll surprise me.”
Stacey Johnston, Faculty

“I think it is important to not normalize what just happened in our country. We can’t casually accept that our citizens voted for someone who has threatened to commit international war crimes, promised to spread racial and religious hatred, and who has called proven scientific knowledge “a hoax.” We must continue to stay informed and fight ignorance and bigotry.”
Colin Baxter, Faculty

"The next 4 years will be a test of American ingenuity, creativity and endurance. I cannot believe that the average U.S. citizen could be so naïve that this has taken place. I’m embarrassed and hope the rest of the world stops laughing soon."
Karen Brizendine, Faculty

“I am very disappointed in how America would pick such a figure.”
Francisco Arreola, 2017

“A better choice could’ve been made. I am very disappointed with the votes of many Americans.”
Karina Garza, 2017

“Since I am Asian, I know the Great Wall of China was a success, so I can’t wait for the Great Wall of America.”
Tom Cao, 2017

“Let’s be honest America won’t be great any time soon.”
Sara Xiong, 2017

“America will never be the same.”
Cruz Barrera, 2017

“I am happy because he is smarter and more useful than we think, in my eyes he is really a democrat saying stuff he knew would get him elected.”
Alex Dupre, 2020

“This world is going to go downhill because he has no experience at all.”
Brooklynne Hill, 2017

“Donald Trump is a horrible candidate. The bad decisions he will make will run the U.S. to the ground.”
Daunte Barends, 2017

“There is no much to say besides this world is probably going to go so far downhill, that we won’t be able to find a way out.”
Angelica Suarez, 2018

“It may seem super hopeless and I would agree, but we have to work as a country in order to make sure we create a bright future for the upcoming generation.”
Cecilia Rios, 2018

“Now that trump is president, we should all carry guns to protect ourselves, you never know when the civil war will happen.”
Shenghai Vang, 2017

“Accept the fact that Trump is president and move on from there. There is no point in crying, that will get us nowhere.”
Gerardo Barajas, 2017

“Life will go on people will still have to pay bills and go to work. Trump won fairly, arguing and rioting is not a way to change that.”
Antonio Lepe, 2017

“Nothing will change in our everyday lives. I wish trump nothing but the best.”
James Chhen, 2017

“All we can do is hope for the best and to not vote for a dead gorilla for the next election.”
Steve Gibson, 2017

“I think the world will be better with Trump as president.”
Marquel Banks, 2017

“I feel like the world is going to get worse but I really don’t know.”
Jaydee Alop, 2017

“I think this a horrible excuse as a presidential election.”
Claudia Aguilar, 2017

“I really don’t feel anything changing yet.”
Michael Kolosey, 2017

"If a person causes riots in the nation he's leading, maybe it's a sign that he's not fit to be a leader. Obama should take that federal law and avoid making Trump president. Trump cannot make America great again because it was never great."
Garla Catipon, 2018

"Now is the time to come together as a nation and make the best of what we can."
Hector Aguil, 2018

"There's nothing we can do, we should be mature and be more involved and accept that he's president."
Erick Sosa, 2018

"I didn't like either candidate, but Trump's ideas were less destructive to the nation."
Lillian Dixon, 2017



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