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Zane Medeiros acting out moves while filming
Zane Medeiros acting out moves while filming. Photo by Destiney Davis. Click HERE to watch their video.
AP Biology students create a parody rap video for a project

As a creative project, four students create a rap video to show their understanding of cellular respiration

Currently in AP Biology we are on the topic of cellular respiration which basically creates energy so we can function at the high speed rate we do. To immerse ourselves in the topic Exur DeMayo gave the class a project to recreate cellular respiration in our own words. The class could choose from doing a song, poem, poster, essay, animation, or skit.

“This gives me a chance to learn about biology while having fun and hanging out with friends, making a cringy music video. I’m glad I’ll have a good memory to look back on when I’m older,” said Tom Cao, Foothill High School senior.

One morning in AP Calculus Mary Bivens, Foothill High School senior, joked about making a rap to myself and a couple others. We continued the joke until we both decided that is what we would do: make a music video about it.

“This project is a creative way of learning a subject that is complex. It helps show our creative side and also memorize important details for the AP exam,” Bivens said.

We recruited a couple other seniors in our class, Tom Cao and Zane Medeiros. On October 30th, we worked on the lyrics for 8 hours and with success we finished. The following Wednesday we went to Downtown Sacramento to record certain parts of our video.

“I think that I am going to be proud of our project, despite it’s terrible puns and cringy music video. I can’t wait to see how it turns out,” said Medeiros.

To watch the finished product use the photo at the top of this page.




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