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A student practicing photography. Photo by Victoria Peckham-Smith.
Why make a New Year's Resolution?

Do New Year's Resolutions matter? It depends on who you are.

It’s about that time of the year. The time of the year where people are trying to better themselves by setting goals. New Year’s resolutions aren’t just about making goals to lose weight, or eat healthier; but to improve skills, start new hobbies, and interact more.

It isn’t just about physical change. It’s about the mental change as well. The way you take care of yourself. Setting time aside, breaking bad habits, and starting better habits.

I went around Foothill High School and asked students what their New Year's resolutions will be entering 2017, and if they had any for 2016. I also asked whether or not they’d achieved them. Many students replied that they actually didn’t have any resolutions, and that they felt they were unnecessary.

A lot of high-schoolers are finding their place in the world and are already changing day to day, so that's a huge factor in why teenagers don’t particularly make New Year's resolutions.
I was starting to feel discouraged that maybe I was the only one who set New Year's resolutions. For example, in 2016 I wanted to lose 15 pounds, draw once every day, and execute all toxic things from my life.

I only achieved two out of those three, which is fine with me. I just have to try harder for 2017. So I decided on one physical resolution, one academic resolution, and one skill resolution. Which are all a secret for now. It’s bad luck to share resolutions before you’ve started them.

So I then decided instead of being discouraged, I had to continue to ask around.
Bryan Alvarez, a senior, admitted he made a New Year's Resolution for 2016, but failed to achieve it. He wanted to pass every class with a passing grade for both semesters. He isn’t sure what his 2017 Resolution will be, but he believes it’ll be something academic related.

Academic resolutions are good to have as they keep you motivated to get through the school year, something that is extremely hard for many students, especially in their senior year. No matter how fast it goes by.

Elaine Carmona, a junior, stated that she didn’t have a resolution, but after some thought, she did say she wanted to get better at managing her life. I.E. balancing school and her social life and taking care of herself.

Life resolutions are just as important, if not more important, as academic resolutions. It’s good to take the time out of your busy day, week, or month and just focus on yourself and your needs. Having a resolution for this makes you feel much more accomplished, which can lead to you feeling more confident, which leads to a great mood.

One last resolution I able to get out of somebody was from
Kat McDermott. She didn’t have any resolutions from 2016, but admitted she had one for 2017. She’s acquiring a new camera for Christmas, (or so she’s hoping), and has decided to improve her photography skills and take AT LEAST one picture every day. She wants to make a slideshow of some sort, showing her improvements over the year.

Resolutions improving a hobby or a skill are pretty fun to have. They can give you some enjoyment throughout the year. It makes the year go by faster, so if you’re having a tough year, boom! The year is now over because you’ve had something to look forward to everyday.

New Year’s resolutions aren’t mandatory or vital for everyday living, but they are fun to have and can actually help make your year go by smoother. By the end of the year you’ve accomplished or improved something and you are now ready to enter the new year with a better mind set and attitude.


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