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Q&A: What are your Christmas wishes?
Hayley Reese Bryan Alvarez Jordan Tibbits Erick Sosa
"I want a new pair of shoes for Christmas"
Hayley Reese, 2019
“My Christmas Wish has to be clothing and some nice shoes.”
Bryan Alveraz, 2017
"I want a Starbucks gift card to help me get a jumpstart in the mornings after getting up so early with my two daughters."
Jordan Tibbits, Faculty
“My Christmas wish is to be able to gift presents to those I care about.”
Erick Sosa, 2018

“I hope everybody can enjoy the holiday spirit and move on to a wonderful new year.”
James Chhen, 2017

“My Christmas wishes are a partridge in a pear tree, 2 turtle doves, 3 french hens, 4 calling birds, 5 gold rings, 6 geese a laying, 7 swans a swimming, 8 maids a milking.”
Shenghai Vang, 2017

“9 ladies dancing, 10 lords a leaping, 11 pipers pipping, 12 drummers drumming.”
Gerardo Barajas, 2017

“I hope everyone has a great Christmas with her loved ones and a happy new years.”
Jennie Vongvilay, 2017

“My Christmas wish is for students to take responsibility for their contribution to society. They all have potential to be great. I hope they recognize that potential and have the courage to step out and do something with it.”
Josiah Aston, Faculty

"My Christmas wish is to have a loving, loyal boyfriend."
Tatianna Smith, 2019

"For Christmas, all I want is money."
Asa Simien, 2019

"A brand new aero postale coat I s what I want for Christmas."
Onterio Johnson, 2020

“I would like a new phone and food that’s all.”
Alyssa Harcourt, 2018

“My Christmas wish is to get my phone fixed and get my grill.”
Nicciaii Langston, 2019

“For Christmas I want to get my phone back.”
Tamia Lewis, 2020

“A strong wife that can cook.”
Eugene Bell, Faculty

“For Christmas I want a car so I don’t have to walk anymore.”
Charlese’ Jackson, 2019

"I wish to spend a peaceful and happy Christmas with my parents."
Ravi Lal, Faculty

“For Christmas I am wishing for a polaroid camera or a new phone.”
Angelica Suarez, 2018

“For Christmas I just want scented candles to be honest because they smell good, you know?”
Cecilia Suarez, 2018

“All I want for Christmas is you.”
Irene Petrenko, 2017

“For Christmas I want anything for free.”
Vanda Suklar, 2020

“For Christmas I want a new guitar.”
Ryan Burns, 2018

“Be healthy and employed until my kids are on their own.”
Yuri Lavernov, Faculty

“For Christmas I’d like to disregard females and aquire currency.”
Salma Sanchez, 2017

“I want happiness with my family.”
Selena Ramirez, 2017

"Kenworth C500 with a 40 foot seabox ISO dry freight container with 4-Avle Cheetah Goostneck Chassis."
Josh Chamberelain, Faculty

"To get new wood Katanas."
Logan Morris, 2018

"I will not lose half of my clothes like all those other Christmas’s."
Ariahna Brown, 2018

"Health, peace, and happiness."
Karen Brizendine, Faculty

"Health, love, and happiness."
Crystal Bailey, Faculty

“A Kylie Jenner sweater.”
Anthony Barkley, 2017

“I really want some food.”
Anyiah Godbold, 2018

“Gift cards to food places.”
Frances Jordan, 2017

“My wish for Christmas is new shoes”
Chelsea Cook, 2017

”My Christmas wish is for life to remain good, like it has been. I want Andrea to text me back too. This year was great, I want next year to be like this year.”
Presley Lance, 2018

“My Christmas wish is to get a new I phone and a lot of new clothes.”
Stephena Wardswroth, 2019

“For Christmas, I want lots of guap(money).”
Jon Marich, 2017

“For Christmas, I would love for happiness and for everyone to be able to spend time with their loved ones, (and for me to pass finals)."
Tom Cao, 2017



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