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A student signing the drug-free pledge
A Student signing the drug-free pledge. Photo by Marrise Jackson.
FHS Red Ribbon Week

Students as FHS sign a drug-free pledge

October 24th through the 28th marked the week of Red Ribbon. This year Red Ribbon Week was combined with Breast Cancer Awareness Week. Red Ribbon week represents an alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and violence prevention awareness campaign. In the U.S. this happens annually in October.

Red Ribbon week has interesting origins. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) began the campaign after the kidnapping and murder in 1985 of one of the DEA workers, Enrique Camarena, but was working undercover as “Kiki”. Kiki went undercover working in Guadalajara, Mexico. He was working on his investigation for four years prior to being kidnapped.

Along with Camarena there was another man, Captin Zavala-Avelar kidnapped that was also in the DEA. The DEA ordered a meted investigation but saw local law enforcement uncooperative at best. So they called on Mexican Federal Judicial Police (MFJP). The MFJP told them that Camarena was kidnapped by mistake by a man and his three sons. The DEA and MFJP planned to raid the farm home but the MFJP went alone without them, shooting and killing five individuals.

Soon after, they found the bodies of both men on the side of the road near the farm house. They found that Camarena was tortured extensively before being murdered. After this tragedy, the DEA decided to start Red Ribbon week as a way to educate people about the dangers of illegal drug trade.

Chyenna Tomasso says, “Our school portrayed Red Ribbon Week to a T, I would give it a 9 out of ten.”

Throughout this week each day was a dress up day. Monday was Zombie Day Tuesday was fairytale Day, Wednesday was PJ Day, Thursday was Throwback Day, and Friday was Costume Day. Red ribbon week represents how we all should stay or become drug free. All through the week people signed a poster pledging to be drug free. For every person who signed the poster they got a little treat and was sent on their way.

“Giving out prizes made it run more efficiently.” Said
Shaena Morgan, a senior in leadership.



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