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Phillip Brown jumping.
Phillip Brown jumping the long jump. Photo by Kat McDermott.
Phillip Brown becomes first in state for long jump

Senior Phillip Brown is currently 5th in the nation for long jump, but the season has just begun.

Phillip Brown, born and raised in New Orleans, is number one in the state and fifth in the nation for his excellent record in long jumping. A title that he doesn’t let get to his head. As good as it feels, he doesn't want to allow himself to feel like he’s accomplished anything, he just wants to continue to work hard and move forward.

Since he first started in 8th grade, Phillip has put in so much hard work towards track and field. Every day after practice, he does a lot of core leg work, push-ups, sit up, and running by himself. He tends to give himself no credit, so he can continue to go harder and harder; beyond his limits. He loves the direction he’s moving in towards improvement and wants to continue on down that path.

“I put so much time into track, and still feel like I can do better,” said Brown.

His records can vouch for that. On February 25th, 2017 at the Clarke Massey Relays, he jumped a 23’ 9.5 beating his previous personal record of 22’ 1. These records are actually giving him a full ride to MT Sac. Although, he is still weighing out his other options. Track isn’t the only sports he wants to participate in college, he’s also talked about football as an alternative. He even wants to major in business to obtain a good enough job to have a retirement plan, but his real dream is to make it to the Olympics.

It’s obvious that Phillip Brown takes this seriously; he even has some advice he had for aspiring athletes.

He gave a few words of wisdom saying, “Just keep working hard to keep your grades straight from the beginning of high school to the end. Put in the time to grind and God will make everything else fall in place. Stay humble. Anything can be done if you put your heart into it. Everyone has a chance just take advantage of it.”



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