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A view of the tournament from the upper level. Photo by Kat McDermott.
Tim Brown memorial tournament draws crowds

The annual Tim Brown tournament takes school wide cooperation to pull off.

From January 13th to the 14th our wrestling team had its 21st annual Tim Brown Memorial wrestling tournament. The Tim Brown Memorial Tournament is the biggest annual event organized by Foothill High School. Schools from our league to schools from different states are invited to compete. It’s serious business.

Tim Brown was a Foothill High wrestler who entered the marines after graduation. He was killed in combat and now the tournament is held in his honor. In the halls of the venue marine and army recruiters are present to inform anyone who walks by about joining.

Every year it takes place at the Memorial Auditorium downtown. Students work tables, keeping time and score. Our CTE Sports Medicine student trainers come to help the professional trainers wrap injuries. Teachers and other staff take time away from class too, announcing and organizing the matches. Our principal, Brian Welborn, even brought his wife and son to work at the staging table.

The tournament is also a major fundraiser for the wrestling team. The participating teams pay fees to enter their wrestlers, people in the audience pay an entrance fee at the door, and Foothill alumni and parents help sell Tim Brown t-shirts and sweatshirts in the hall. Some of the money is given to the softball team because all, if not most, of the the softball players come to help work tables.

The tournament is also a great learning experience for any of the younger wrestlers that find free time to watch.

“I got to witness great wrestlers in action,” said Ryan Burns, a FHS junior and JV wrestler,” it was fun to stay and watch while working at the same time.”

By watching great wrestling, younger wrestlers can see what they’ll be going up against in a year or two.

CTE sports medicine student also gained experience from the tournament.

“The tournament was one of the biggest events I’ve ever worked at,” said Bryan Alvarez, a FHS senior.

By working at such a large event, sports medicine students could get a taste of what being a professional sports trainer would be like.

If you missed the tournament this year, don’t worry. The Tim Brown Memorial wrestling tournament is held every year and information on FHS wrestling can be found on their Facebook page.




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