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A pollarded tree showing new growth. Photo by Savanah Outlaw.
What happened to our trees?

Most trees on campus have been cut back and look rather barren.

Most students assumed that the trees were being cut according to state regulations because of the previous storms or that they were being removed for other reasons, but the trees here were actually long overdue for a trim. The trees here are supposed to be pollarded once a year according to head custodian Mike Clark.

“The trees actually haven’t been cut in a few years,” said Clark.

Pollarding is a system of pruning that stunts tree growth and promotes a dense head of foliage on the top. It makes the tree look bushier. It may be alarming to see the trees almost completely barren, but the trees are already showing new growth. Trees are usually pollarded in late winter to early sprin with the exception of a few types of trees that to better being pruned in the summer. So don't worry mustangs, our trees will bounce back and have leaves to give us shade by the time summer rolls around.




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