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A grouip photo of all the students who competed from Foothill.
A group picture of the students who competed. Photo courtesy of S. Dommer.
Students compete in the Skills USA competition

Skills USA is an organization that prides in hosting competitions for youth thst showcase their readiness for the workplace.

Skills USA is an organization that holds competitions that focus on workplace readiness. Students from Foothill competed in first aid-cpr, television video production, t-shirt design, nurse assisting, photography, introductory woodworking, and employment application processes, but there are way more contests to compete in than that. Skills USA has competitions in everything from leadership skills to welding.

Chelsea Cook, Olga Karamalak, Natalya Golub, Melana Makovey, Austin Voelker, Ruvim Stepanyuk, Justin Huerta, Edgard Pyavka, Edward Stepanyuk, Nicole Wilson, Guadalupe Rodriguez Manzo, Alison Watkins, Kristina Pyavka, Sahara Peters, Hector Aguila, John Pacle, Nadia Long, Dmitriy Biletskiy, Konstiantyn Noga,Selena Ramirez, Bryan Alvarez, Jennessa Boutte-Martin, and Cecilia Rios competed in the regional Skills USA competition. Of these students, 18 of them were eligible to continue competing at the state competition from April 20th to April 23rd in San Diego, however only eight students decided to go.

At the Skills USA competition, competitors are required to follow a strict dress code depending on the competition they are competing in. Competing in a SkillsUSA competition takes months of preparation for any category. Some categories include tests, interviews, projects, resumes, and more.

Biletskiy, a FHS junior, says “Each competition gets harder and harder. For the regional competition I created a simple wooden toolbox, but for the state competition we’re trying to make even more complex toolbox with multiple compartments and an extendable handle.”

It’s a good thing that the classes each student represents helps prepare the students for the competition.

“I’ve learned everything I know from my digital imaging class. Most of the preparation comes from one on one time with my teacher, Steve Dommer,” said Rios, a FHS junior competing in television video production.




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