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Principal Heather King
New Foothill High School Principal Heather King addresses the student body on the first day of school. Photo by Josh Daw.
There's a new sheriff in town, and she means business

New Principal establishes new rules and policies that will steer Foothill High School in a positive direction.

There's a new sheriff in town. By new sheriff I mean new principal, and she does mean business. Our new principal is turning our school around, in the right direction.

Heather King’s proclamations are jarring to returning Foothill High students, but are inescapable. Students will learn how to cope with these rules by learning how to space out bathroom trips, silence smart phones, and accept new rules. For the upperclassmen that drive, there are new parking restrictions to the lower lot. These changes signal something new is racing around the corner; you could say racing like a mustang.

It’s not just the rules that are changing, campus cleanup is commencing. There are new plants in the quad, less trash, and a yellow line near the front office to direct visitors to counseling.

The campus seems brighter to me, happier even. New school spirit is riding up. Every Friday there's a fight to the death of the color orange or black (faculty games). Last week in a game of dodge ball, team black was the winner; one point for Gryffindor (team black)!

We will be greeted by guest speakers throughout the year. So far we have had one really funny speaker. The next one is in September. I hope he is just as good.

At the beginning of the school year, enforcement of the dress code is always the harshest. The hot weather pushes people to try and get away with the least amount of clothing possible. In our school-issued handbooks it displays the dress code with images. It’s pretty unfair that majority of the dress code rules are aimed towards the female population on campus. The rules against guys' apparel are slim to none, comparatively. Their dress code should include no profanity on tees, like naked women. It should also include no tank tops; it’s not only for girls but for the guys as well.



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