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Guest speaker addresses students on first day of school

Motivational speaker encourages students to talk about their feelings.

Guest Speaker
Motivational speaker Tyler Durman speaks to students at Foothill High School during one of two assemblies. Photo by Josh Daw.

On the first day of school, a motivational speaker named Tyler Durman came to our high school to offer us some inspiration. Tyler Durman was a very entertaining speaker and he was very comical; while telling us a story. It was a story about a great man named Joe.

"I found it intersting that he used a real student's expirences for his speech so we could relate," said Clair Sison, a senior at FHS.

Joe was popular for many reasons. A reason he was so popular was because everybody knew him and he knew everyone. Another reason was he was also the second best football player in the country back then, but what Joe felt in the inside was totally different from what he felt on the outside.

Joe’s mother died from cancer. When his mother was diagnosed, she had only three months left. Joe got depressed when he found out, but didn’t show anyone any emotions to not feel vulnerable. When his mother died, at the funeral Joe still kept the emotion of sadness that his mother is gone from his life.

One night, Tyler got a serious call from Joe about his depression and on that call he released all of his emotions and cried a river. He spoke about how his life was going to the wrong direction and that he wanted to end it. Joe told Tyler that Tyler was his last call before ending his life. Tyler said that it wasn’t too late to make the right choice and spoke to him about making the right decisions in life.

Joe accepted Tyler’s advice and agreed to give himself another chance. He spoke to people that he trusts and he got in touch with them. One day, Joe was in the army and they told him that he had amazing talents. Joe got encouraged and also got promoted to join the Navy Seals. Tyler spoke to us about making bad or good choices make a big impact to our future just as he told Joe. Tyler made Joe choose the right choice in life and we should also.

Take Tyler’s advice and make the best choices in life to become a very successful man like Joe is today.



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