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Mr. Davis
CJ Davis likes kyaking, his pool, and playing his favorite video games on his XBox. Photo by Hannah Stone.


CJ Davis

A series of new faculty members this year at Foothill High School.

CJ Davis is Foothill High School’s new teacher of World History and U.S. History. Davis is looking to influence, educate, and touch the hearts of students at FHS.

Davis is from a small town called Wilton right here in our golden state, California. He grew up in Wilton but soon moved to Sacramento in search of diversity. He attended Sacramento State University where he received his bachelor’s degree and teaching credentials. He absolutely loved it, the diversity, the campus, the students, and the faculty.

While Davis attended college, he was a tutor and was seen as a very helpful person to his peers. While being a tutor, someone suggested that he become a teacher even though he had his major in film. He took it into consideration and it successfully worked for him.

Before coming a teacher at Foothill High School, Davis was a full-time, dedicated college student. Outside of Foothill, Davis enjoys the outdoors which is when he mentioned he liked to travel and go kayaking. When looking to relax, he uses his pool to escape. On his free time, he plays his favorite video games on his Xbox.

“I would like to help students who are interested in furthering their idea of getting their major in film,” said Davis. “We could make films or simply watch and analyze videos.”

Davis is interested in starting a film club so if you’d like to join, please come by his room and let him know.


New Faculty

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CJ Davis
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