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Alison Watkins wins at State Fair

FHS senior medaled six photos at the California State Fair.

The Winner
(Above) Alison Watkins shows her six ribbons with her six photos. Photo by Paige Watkins. (Below) Spectators to the State Fair look at the winning photos. Photos by Alison Watkins.
People looking at photographs
People looking at photographs

Alison Watkins, one of the many aspiring photographers of Foothill High School, entered the California State Fair Photography Competition at the beginning of summer to see how good she was as a photographer. She placed six photos in the competition and one of them, called Shivering Leaf, earned the title of Best of Division for Nature in the Young Adult Photography division.

The rest of her photos placed honorable mention, second and third in separate categories. She also got prize ribbons and $50 for winning the Photography competition. With the results of the competition, it was pretty clear that she’s an exceptional photographer.

Watkins’ photos are called Shivering Leaf, Summer Love, Queen’s Chess, Broken Dreams, Tunnel of Mystery, and Simon, who’s her adorable orange kitten. She entered this competition for a reason other than winning; her mom motivated her.

“She has potential at being a great photographer and she entered the California State Photography competition to prove it,” Liz Watkins stated.

Since Alison won at the competition, she also wants to push her photography career even more. Although she started at age thirteen when she got into Digital Imaging class, her passion for photography grows even higher and she hopes to go to SkillsUSA and win the nationals and prove that she’s a great photographer to the school and to herself.

Alison doesn’t just take pictures though. At school or at home, she also edits stories on the school website, fhspress.com. She has also studied Journalism, Yearbook, and Digital Media (a video class) at FHS.

"Winning wasn't neccesarily my goal," said Alison. "I sumbitted them with the encouragement of my family and was suprised I won anything."


Click an image below to see the winners.
Broken Dreams

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