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Kristi Buzzard
New Earth Science teacher Kristi Buzzard started teaching because she loves working with kids. Photo by Hannah Stone.
Kristi Buzzard

A series of new faculty members this year at Foothill High School.

Kristi Buzzard is Foothill High School's new Earth Science teacher from the Bay Area. She moved to Sacramento about two years ago.

Prior to teaching here at Foothill she was teaching at Grant High School; she also taught in Oakland. She prefers her students to call her Ms. Kristi.

Kristi went to college to become a dietitian. Surprisingly, her career took a turn. She never intended to become a Science teacher. “A dietitian is somebody who manages others health habits,” said Kristi, who wanted more than that.

Originally she wanted to work in a hospital to work with people to manage their foods, diets, or school systems. But becoming a dietitian, it is a very specialized and impacted field, meaning that it is very hard to get into.

In the Bay Area at the time, there were only two schools that had accredited programs. In order to get into those programs at UCSF, a students must win a lottery. This took too much time and Kristi may have never gotten into the program.

This is where she took the turn to change her career. Her friend introduced her to teaching because she loves working with kids. She offered her a job working with her and teaching her students at the time.

"I worked in her class for about three months, and I loved it," said Kristi. "It was a science class and my degree is in science; it was a science-based degree. So I kind of went from there and applied for graduate school and the credential program and the rest is history.”

Kristi found out about the opening for her position here at FHS by a web site called “EDJOIN.org.” She was originally looking for a short term/substitute job just to keep her busy. She is now working here at FHS as a permanent teacher.

Kristi is a very outgoing person she stated she loves to do outdoor things with her long-term boyfriend by her side in their free time.

She hopes to see her students grow with her, knowing she provided her students the knowledge to grow. That’s what keeps her going. She hopes to grow with her co-workers and students this year as a new faculty member.

“If I could provide you even with just a little bit of that, then I’d be happy,” she said.


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