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Heatlh teacher, Likah Jackson, enjoys practicing and teaching health. Photo by Hannah Stone.
Likah Jackson

A series of new faculty members this year at Foothill High School.

Likah Jackson is a new faculty member that came from a background dealing and overcoming hard times.

“I’m the middle child so I feel like I’m often over looked,” said Jackson. Even though Jackson didn’t feel like she wasn’t as important as her other siblings, that didn’t stop her from achieving her goals.

When school came along she was active and participated in sports while growing up. Volleyball and basketball was her go to, that’s probably why she looks so youthful.

Her first choice wasn’t being a health teacher for our freshman Mustangs, she was originally a P.E. and AVID teacher for 7th and 8th graders. She was a P.E. teacher for 10 consecutive years.
Look at her now, she upgraded from the possibility from being sunburnt or catching a cold to being in a classroom with air conditioner and heater. She got her degree in kinesiology and eventually got her health credentials five years ago to be a health teacher.

Her life outside of being a health teacher is busy. Being a mother of twins is hard work especially when it’s a boy and a girl, but she’s not alone at least. Team work makes the dream work, she and her boyfriend have been together for three years.

She doesn’t just teach health she performs it herself. On her free time she runs in the afternoons. She trains for short distance three days out of the week then trains for long distance one day out of her weekend. Recently, she has been practicing on her long distance running for the CIM marathon.

So far in this school semester she’s had a good experience being a health teacher. Her goal is to get as much experience as possible with health curricula. This is a new beginning for her, but she’s getting good support and help from other teachers. She hopes to be teaching health five years from now. Hopefully, she stays a Mustang for 10 consecutive years as well.


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