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fresman rally
Fresmen clumped all together enjoying their offical high school rally. Photo by
Welcome, freshmen, to my column

Freshman for freshmen.

Hi, I’m Ahmylie. I’m a freshman and I’ll be doing weekly columns for freshmen and for anyone else that thinks they can relate or if you just like reading.

The weekly column is going to be here, on this website every Wednesday. This week’s column is to introduce who I am and what my column is going to be about.

As a freshman, you’re new to the “high (school) life.” It’s not like the movies and I think most of us are glad that high school is not like the movies. When you first thought about going to high school, you didn’t want to, then once summer came, you were like, “Okay, I think I could do this.” But then once you get here, it’s not at all what you thought.

My plan for high school was not to even come to this Foothill High School, but now that I’m here and I’ve made some friends, I’m not even moving schools anymore. I was going to go to a different high school but I was out of district so I had to come here. But when I got here I did not know anyone and now that I do, I’m staying here. This school is not like the one I was going to go to. Even though I did not want to go here and I did not know anyone, once you get to know people it makes things a lot easier to think about getting good grades in your classes.

But enough about me. This column is going to be here to help, but also it's about what’s going on in the “life of freshmen.” Check back next Wednesday to see what I’m going to write. New columns out every week.


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Welcome, Freshmen, to my column


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