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Some people say that it’s okay to be sad. But in reality, life still goes on. Photo by.
Dealing with grief and loss

Freshman for freshmen.

This week I’m going to be writing about my experiences. Recently I went to a funeral for two people I never thought I would ever lose. I’m writing about this because it affects how my life is. It’s a hard process but you have to get though it one way or another. For someone like me it’s not only hard but crazy.

I’m trying to get those straight A’s because my gammy, one of the ones who died, wanted me to (gammy is what I called my grandmother) She used to say that because of the boyfriend I got. When I got my boyfriend and she found out she talked to me for an hour and a half and at the end she told me that I needed to get all A’s and that what I was trying I got five A’s and two B’s. At the time she told me to get them up. She said that that would make her happy. She always used to tease me about it to and say and ask how my man was then roll her eyes. It’s not only that it’s sad that she is gone but one of the people I would count as a best friend.

Some people say that it’s okay to be sad. But in reality, life still goes on. It hurts to say that, but it’s the truth. Not only did I lose two amazing people, but my family and a whole lot of people did too.

To be able to feel like I’m okay I put myself around my friends. Not only do some of them know what’s going on, but they try to make me feel better because they don’t like seeing me sad.

To start to get over it and cope, with you have to surround yourself with people you not only love, but care for. It’s not always easy, you will have your days. That’s okay, everyone has their days but if you think about it, you are doing good. Keep your grades up go ahead think about the all you want. You think about good memories now if you think about it. Nothing bad seems to even come to mind anymore. Nor did any bad memories come to mind at all. But now that everything is over we can not only heal but heal together because this is the time where not only family is best but so are those close friends.


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