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FHS dedicates entire day for testing

Taking the SAT was a stressful and cold experience.

Hand with pencil on test answer sheet
On SAT testing day the seniors reported to the gym while the underclassmen went to different classrooms. Photo by Alyssa Harcourt.

The school took the PSATs and SATs on Wednesday October 11 2017. The seniors took their SATs and even had to stay after school was out because we still weren’t finished. The juniors, sophomores, and freshman took the PSATs and got out on time. I will be writing about the experience of taking the SAT.

The SAT was being held in the big gym and it was freezing and no one could do anything about it. Everyone was putting on hoods, putting their arm that they weren’t using to write in their sleeves, trying to get warm but it wasn’t working. They eventually turned off the a/c but it didn’t help much.

There was assigned seating, so when you first walked in there were a bunch of tables with teachers’ names and periods, and then you’d find your sticker that had your name and date of birth on it.

Before the test started the teachers were walking around trying to get everyone settled. As Steve Dommer, a teacher here at foothill, was walking by I asked him if he had a calculator. He said, “No, but let me see if I can find one.” He went over to Colin Baxter, a counselor, and asked if he had any which he had a lot in his office, so if you got a calculator … You’re Welcome!

We got a few breaks in between sections which I spent trying to warm up and find food because I was cold and stressed so I needed food. Most people used the breaks to go to the bathroom and talk with their friends.

During the SAT there were a few distractions like phones going off, students making noises, the a/c was making a weird noise, and moving tables. I’m one to be easily distracted so every time something happened I looked up and looked around.

By the end of the test I was so tired that when I got home I fell asleep on the couch. I hope everyone did well on their tests and if you didn’t you can always pay to take it again.



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