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Ways to earn money

Hand with pencil on test answer sheet

Babysitting is a fun, rewarding, way to earn money; and it's really cute. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Harcourt.

The best ways to earn money in any means necessary.

Applying for jobs as a high school student, can be stressful. Not only are there so many questions on an online application but you also have to worry about if the company received it or if they’re even going to review it. Some places pass out actual paper applications, but most places want you to apply online.

Me personally, I can’t get a job because my parents are over protective and I’m not allowed to walk, take a bus, or the light rail. Instead of working for an actual company, I babysit, and depending on who I’m babysitting for I make pretty good money. I have many “clients” who are willing to pick me up from my home to watch their children because they need someone and I’m a very good babysitter. Even though, sometimes the kids I babysit are crazy and sometimes they’re animals.

One day I was babysitting twins and they just went down for a nap. I heard barking from their two dogs, they were outside and I didn’t want them to wake up the kids, whose room was right there so naturally I went to go check what they were barking at. They were chasing a chicken. I wasn’t trying to have the chicken get killed so I tried opening the door that even the dog can open, but I was having a difficult time. I couldn’t find the lock for the life of me. I was beating on the door trying to get the dogs’ attention, one dog grabbed the chicken and brought it to the door. At this point I was freaking out and as soon as the dog snapped the chicken’s neck I found the lock. I pushed the dog’s away, found napkins, picked up the chicken, and threw it in the trash. The parents came home, threw something in the trash and saw the chicken. When I told them what happened, they found it funny; now I am their favorite person to watch their children.

We all like money but some of us have different situations where we can’t work for whatever the reason, but there are alternative ways to get money. You can do what I do and babysit, you can go around and ask neighbors if they have any yard or housework that you can do for money, if your parents are willing to pay you for doing chores then do that. Cleaning isn’t fun but someone has to do it. Most parents aren’t willing to pay you for cleaning but if you happenn to have a parent who is willing to pay you, I advise you, take advantage of it. If anyone in your neighborhood has dogs, start walking dogs they get exercise, you get exercise and money. Plus who doesn’t like being around a bunch of dogs?

Be creative! There are many ways to get money other than getting a job at a company. If you want money then you’ll find a way to get money.



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