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Student driver behind the wheel
Foothill High School student Jasmin Lazaro sits behind the wheel as a new driver. Photo by Alyssa Harcourt.
Lessons from a new driver

Don't put off getting your license. It's well worth the effort and costs.

At the age of 15½ you can start the process of obtaining your learner’s permit. First you start off by going online and signing up for an online driver’s ed class. I used driversedtogo.com; it’s easy and includes interactive videos, audio read-along, and instructional drills teaching driving concepts.

After you complete the process of all the tests and sections they will send a pink paper that you will have to take to the DMV on the day and time of your appointment. You also need to bring your birth certificate, two proof of residency documents that prove you live in Sacramento, and your social security number if you don’t have your number memorized.

You have to fill out a paper with a lot of questions to answer, then it takes so long for the TV screen to call your number. Then they call your number and you go to a window, where they check all your paperwork, make copies, and send you on your way to the testing area.

Before you actually start your test, you have to take a picture, so make sure you look picture-ready because I wasn’t ready and looked a mess. They send you to a computer screen and you start.

You are only able to miss eight questions and still pass. If you don’t pass the first time you get two more chances before you have to start over. If you do pass then you start the next step.

After you obtain your learner's permit you have to take your first class of behind-the-wheel lessons before you can drive with an adult over 25 with a California driver’s license. You need to complete six hours of driver's ed and have your permit for six months. If you’re 17½ you don’t have to take driver's ed but you still need to have your permit for six months before you can get your driver’s license.

My recommendation is to make sure you have the money to complete what you need to before you get your permit. I first got mine on August 17, 2016. My permit expired and I had to redo everything but the online classes because I still had the pink paper. On October 26, 2017, I retook my test and passed. Now we have the money for the behind-the-wheel classes.



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