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An American flag flies in a classroom at Foothill High School. Photo by Ahmylie Francecisco.
Veterans Day thoughts

Freshman for freshmen.

Why do we have Veterans Day off?
As an honor to the people that have served our country and helped.

Not only have they risked their lives but there is always that chance that they will never see their family, friends or anyone. To go into any type of service is always something that can be risky. Not only can you be scared but you have to trust the people you are with to have your back.

On this day off we should dedicate some of our time to honor those veterans who have served their country and for us. Even if you don’t know them personally, you can still thank them, especially because of the sacrifices veterans take for us.

Not only for the veterans you do know but for those you don’t know too. This day also honors many veterans and their families who may have lost someone. It is necessary to honor those who are still with us.


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