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Absent Students

Where's the student? Absent? Correct! Students constantly fake being sick to miss school as an easy out, but it's time to stop. Photo by

The Magnitude of Missing School

Try not to miss school, or face the consequences.

As a person who is very susceptible to illness, I find myself missing a lot of school and it is one of the worst experiences I go through as a student.

Many people may desire to miss school; but, if you have any inclination to do well academically you know the adverse effects it will have on your grades. Not only that; but, you cannot even enjoy your short break due to being ill and worrying over what you may have missed. In the end, you return to school preoccupied over what you missed and have to make up a lot homework and sometimes even tests in a short amount of time, which is stressing and difficult.

For these reasons, you should attend school unless you have a valid excuse to be absent and even if you have a valid excuse, you should still make an earnest attempt to attend school. No benefit comes from missing school, let alone doing so without a reason. Perhaps you have a test the following day you do not want to take and decide to miss the following day in order to study more. Not only do you have to find the time to make up the test later but it is probable that your studying won’t have a substantial effect. Also, the test is not going to go away; it will continue to hover over you so it's best to get it done when the time comes around.

Having said this, there are various valid reasons for missing school such as being ill, especially, if it is a contagious illness. Although, if you are able to attend school and perform to the best of your ability then you should do your best to do so.



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