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FHS students, Thomas Catipon, Joel Fonseca, and Alyssa Harcourt model good behavior in the library. Photo by Ahmylie Francecisco.
Library closes for lunch due to poor behavior

FHS librarian Emily Edmond sends a strong message for students to behave properly during lunch.

"The library is now closed at lunch until further notice" is what the sign on the door at Foothill High School’s library read last week until yesterday. The library was closed because people were not treating it like a library. They were playing around, leaving it messy and the kids were just being bad in general.

Normally, not only did kids go there to hang out, but to check books out too.

To try and resolve the behavior, Emily Edmond, the school's librarian, closed the library at lunchtime, hoping that kids will start having respect for the library. Edmond thinks that there should be another common area to hang out other than the library.

Students have two levels of behavior, a class level which is good behavior and a crazy, loud and playing-around level. There should, however, be another level that contains of a combination of calm and respect.

Last Thursday Edmond set up games on the tables. The librarian sponsors a club that plays a game, so she thought it was a good idea to set up the games for the library. Students play card games and chess in there, so why not set up more? As I asked her this, I was wondering if she did it so everyone had something to do and have a little bit more fun and she said, yes, that was part of it.

The librarian had to close it because there was so many people misbehaving and she could not just kick out some of them for a couple days so she closed it for everyone, until kids could learn how to act right in what is supposed to be a semi quiet environment.

Mission accomplished: Edmond's plan worked. Hopefully the students have learned to behave in the library during lunch and that the good behavior continues so that everyone may enjoy the space.


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