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Be sure to check your grades regularly. Photo by Ahmylie Francecisco.
New year,
new grades, which means new focus

A second chance to get an "A" plasterd all over your transcript.

The new semester is here! As the new semester is here, you have a chance to get better grades than you did in the first semester. Now that the first semester is done, your grades are your grades. All of your grades went on to your transcript.

Trying to get better grades than what you did the first time might be hard at first, but you’ll do just fine. Some tips are if you sleep more and through the night, eat a good breakfast, work on your study habits. When studying, turn your phone off so you’re not temped to go on it. Also, get involved with FHS school spirt, clubs, and even sports.

To get better grades in your classes you have to put a little more effort in than what you did before. When you get your progress report and/or report card, sometimes your teachers put in comments on what they think and they may put, “in danger of failing.” It’s not a good thing.

To get back in the flow, it will take a minute, but once you are, it will be easy. Once you get back into that flow, you need to stay in it to keep your grades up. When you have questions, you should ask so you can keep them up in your class so then you won’t have to do all the last-minute work.


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