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Boys Basketball

Tyrel Morris (top) and Marisse Jackson (bottom) contribute to our basketball teams wonderfully.
Photos by Alison Watkins

Girls Basketball
Basketball teams on track for the playoffs

Both the boys and girls programs are enjoying success.

The Foothill High School boys varsity basketball team has advanced to the playoffs every year for 20-plus years. But to keep this streak alive they must win the rest of their games this season.

Plagued with ineligible players, injuries, and transfer students, the boys team lost the majority of their preseason games. The team went a lousy 4-13 in the preseason. It wasn’t until the regular season the team began to come together.

With their team complete and their best scorers Tyrel Morris, Adrian Loggins, Willie Goebe, and TJ Pesefea putting 90% of the team’s points on the scoreboard, and their defensive leaders Terrell Morris, and Jordan Green shutting down everything in their section, they have been able fix the hard times they had during preseason and regain a spot in the playoffs.

At this point in the season, the team is 3-3 in league and have pretty much clinched a spot in the playoffs.

The girls varsity team, on the other hand, is having a spectacular season.

With almost a perfect record (20-3), they have been steam-rolling past the majority of their opposition. With offensive stars such as Makaila Sanders, Oksana Gorkavchuk, and Bianca Sanders, and defensive stars Kiara Dempsey, and Marisse Jackson, this team has proven that they are a formidable force.

They have even gone on to beat a team 101-17, and by the end of the first quarter you could already tell the outcome of this game. The team has come in first place at almost every tournament they play in and they have even defeated the 2016-17 California and Illinois state champions at the Oakland tournament.

At this point, they are 6-1 in league and this team has a very strong chance of competing for a state championship.

Both the varsity men’s and women’s teams have shown a lot of potential, and in my opinion, I feel that by the end of this season they can both be competing for a state championship.



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