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Boys soccer team in the playoffs for second year in a row

The team is looking to advance to the quarterfinals.

The Foothill varsity soccer team has miraculously made their way back into the playoff race after a horrible start to the year for the second season in a row (a Foothill record for boys soccer), but to guarantee a spot they needed to gather all the fight they had in them and won the rest of regular season.

With the teams’ best scorers Leo Gutierrez, Andy Zamora, and Victor Quiroz as well as defending anchors Ulices Gallegos, and Alex Rivera they thought making the playoffs this year would be a breeze, and started the season cocky and overconfident.

The team started the season a terrible 1-3-1, only beating Cordova, a team that ranks second to last in their league.

The teams’ starting striker, Gutierrez, knows their solution for turning the season around.

“When we seen that we weren’t as good as we thought and our record showed that we needed to win every one of our last games to make the playoffs," said Gutierrez, "or go down like every other Foothill varsity soccer team and miss the playoffs, we had a simple choice to make and we chose the playoff route.”

Teammate Julian “Bambi” Ortega shared that sentiment.

“The beginning of the season was rough start, the mentality of the team wasn’t where it was supposed to be. However that changed, every player realized the talent that we had and how we can’t let it to go waste, said Ortega. "We are a very good team and we proved that in many occasions, we currently on a 6-game win streak, never lost a home game this season, and recently made history again by beating Dixon 4-1 in our playoff game which we were the first to ever win a home playoff game in the history of Foothill and the first to go to playoffs two years in a row and make it to the quarter finals two years in a row.

"Our next game is against Livingston which is going to be a tough game but our heads our up high and we are looking forward to making history again by beating Livingston and taking foothill to the semifinals for the first time ever. I am extremely proud of team and going to go farther than ever before.”

The team decided that enough was enough and started to pull things together. The team's record at the end of this season is 7-7-3 and they just won their first playoff game this season against Dixon, a team with an even better record than their own. Hopefully this team can continue their win streak and make it deep in the playoffs. This team has seen a lot of struggles this season and I believe that their turn for success is past overdue.

UPDATE: The boys soccer team lost to Livingston High School by the score of 2-1 in the second round of the playoffs.



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