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FHS should host dances for free

School dance
Make dances free. All that's needed is music from a playlist on a phone and sound system. File photo by Ryan Burns.

Besides Homecoming and Prom, make the dances free of charge to get more school participation (and to prevent the dances from being cancelled).

For the umpteenth time, Foothill High School has tried to host a dance but to no avail. This trend of failure indicates that there is an issue with the dance or at least the structure of it that prevents it from being held.

Exactly what that problem is remains unknown. It is likely a conglomeration of vague issues which would be hard to identify in the first place but more importantly seem unfeasible to resolve directly.

The most appealing solution is having a free dance. Instead of selling tickets to fund superfluous things like food trucks, decorations, and a DJ, simply make the dance free.

Replace the DJ with a playlist on a phone and sound amplifier and get rid of the costly decorations and food trucks which are an excess to the dance. A dance does not have to be lavish or complex for it to be fun. Sure, things like food trucks and a DJ may amplify the experience but they are not necessary as the dance is fun because of friends and the environment. This would also drastically increase the number of students attending the dance as the sound of a free dance or free anything would justifiably entice a substantial number of students.

Hosting a free dance is a viable solution as there is no need for these excess commodities. Not only that, but it is a decision that would be supported by a significant portion of students and would make the dance possible.



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