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The Watkins SIsters
Alison and Paige Watkins enjoy going to school with each other, "I will miss Alison when she goes off to college, I won't see her in the halls anymore. Ill be all alone." says Paige. Photo by Ahmylie Francecisco.
School life with siblings

Having a brother or sister at school could be a good thing or a bad thing.

Going to school with siblings has many pros and the cons. Yet there are pros and cons by not going to school with them too.

Some of the pros of going to school with a siblings are walking to and from school, if you walk. You have someone to talk to when somthing is going on at school and always have someone to talk in-between classes. It is easy to know gossip from other grades than your own, keeping you very much in the loop.

There are many good reasons why you can like going to school with your sibling but there can also be cons with going to school worth your sibling, because not everything goes as planned. Some cons of going to school with your siblings are them telling people about your personal information, they can be annoying, they might bother you when you don’t want them to, and they might ask to hang out with you and your friends and you HAVING to say yes.

Going to school with them has its moments but at the end of the day you can be happy when they are there. But not everyone goes to school with a sibling or even has one. Some people may have siblings but not go to school with them, they could be at a different school, go to college, or even be homed schooled.


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