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Zachary Gray wears his crown for senior prom king. Photo by Rozella Robinson.

When the cupid shuffle plays mostly everyone got up and danced. Photo by Edgard Pyavka.
Prom was worth the time, effort, and costs

Prom was an experience to remember, especially when surrounded by friends. Most people who have said that it was lame or they didn’t have fun is mainly because they sat down and gave people dirty looks the whole time. You practically spent $40-$60 to sit down and watch people have fun when you could’ve been having fun yourself.

I get that some of the music they played not all people like very much and there could’ve been more variety of genres but you could’ve still made an effort. The effort that was put in from the leadership class from the invitations to the prom in general.

I happened to get there an hour late so I missed the food that they were serving so I couldn’t tell you whether I liked it or not but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Even though the pasta looked dry it wasn’t. The venue was a nice place the outdoor space was beautiful. The inside was also very nice.

Prom ended at about 11:30 p.m., which I was perfectly okay with because I wanted In-N-Out and to go to bed. All together my senior prom was a great night I had fun with my boyfriend and friends. I’m very grateful for my parents for paying for everything to make sure I had a wonderful time.



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