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Stress and where it comes from

Deja Chambers walks the halls, stressed about school. Photo by Ahmylie Francecisco.

Stress happens. Here are some tips from the fhspress.com resident freshman editor to help those in need.

As teenagers in high school, it’s easy to get stressed, at least for me, from grades to what you need to get done. Even anything that’s not happing at school can be a factor too.

In a survey done by The American Psychological Association, it was found that that a lot have of teens' stress comes from school (45%), and that teens feel stuck, which often adds the feeling of stress.

Ways to help stress:

1. Sleep. Teens need 8½ - 9½ hours of sleep. If you get less, you will feel tired and it will add on to your stress.

2. Time to yourself. Everyone has a different way to do this. Listening to music in their room to, watching a movie, anything non-stressful for them as a person.

3. Talk to someone. This can help because you are getting everything off your chest.

The main causes of stress in teens are academic stress, physical stress, social stress, and stress to do with family or along those lines. Traumatic stress can be one, and big changes in your life can also contribute to stress. You can’t prevent things in your life but some things are in your control.

You cannot completely prevent stress. Stress is unavoidable and a part of everyone’s life in one way or another. So to try and avoid stress, you have to manage it. It’s the most important thing. The goal of helping and trying to prevent stress is that you eliminate unnecessary stress. Then that will help you cope with stress that is unavoidable.


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