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One of the many times we did something on the weekends.
May have our ups and downs but at the end of the day we are still by eachother sides. Picture with valetta Melton.
Looking back

A retrospective on one editor's freshman year.

Though starting my freshmen year off with no friends and not wanting to go here, I think I made out well. Many upon many things have happened this school year. Not only were there hurt, drama, and memories made for everyone, I made friends I never knew I was gonna have.

This school year, not only have I been through a lot, but everyone I met has too. I have these people in my life that I didn’t know I would have; to me it’s crazy sometimes. I’ve grown as a person because of the memories and the experiences that I’ve made this year at Foothill.

I think one of the best things to happen to me this year was meeting Alyssa Harcourt. Not only did she impact my life in so many ways, but she also let me come to with pretty much everything. Even though she was a senior and I won’t go to school with her next year, I’m still happy she got to be in my life. I never knew that she and I were ever gonna be as close as we are. I’ve made many memories with her and she’s dealt with me all school year and I thanked her for that so much. She was there for me and I had a shoulder to cry on and drama to tell her. She always listened, even though it was freshmen drama.

Alyssa was only one of the many friends I’ve met. Out of all the things that I’ve gone through this school year, I’m just glad that I had/have people by my side pretty much all the time, when I was going through things and when I was working though things.

If everyone just looked back on their school year, do you think that at the begging of the year you would be where you are right now? I sure didn’t think I would be where I am… This school year has had its good times and its bad times.

Every school year has its different ups and downs and not everyone will know everyone’s, but at the end of the day when we think back on this school year we have all came a long way.

Some of the best times this year was all the time I got to spend with everyone, field trips and meetings with Mr. Dommer, Alyssa, and Ali Watkins, homecoming, and so much more. Not only was this school year a good one, but one to put in the books.

Here’s to sophomore year at Foothill High School next year, and who knows what will happen then?


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