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A view from above shows the past on Foothill High School's bus ramp

Class years can be seen on the school's bus ramp. How about the Class of 2019? Maybe they could add their own artwork.

Aerial photo by Alex Lubko.

Want to know a fun fact about our school l? In the front of the school where the buses stop in the morning and after school there are actually numbers for the class of ’76, ’69, and ’70.

Why did we stop this? Why not continue? Of course adding every class year might be a hassle so let us make it interesting and more convenient.

How about this 54th year the senior class paints down their class year. Class of 2019 would be the 54th class year so the seniors would paint Class of ’19 or just ’19. To do this the seniors would need to take this up with the administrators, especially, Heather King, the principal. What we know though is she is all about changing the school in positive ways and making students have more school spirit.

Not only is this more school spirit but it makes the seniors feel like after all these years they had an impact on the school that they can leave their mark. It gives the seniors something to look back at make them feel good through all the challenges and memories Foothill gave them.

If money is a concern, the seniors can fundraise for it. We could bring back car wash fundraisers, bake sales, and even hosting a concert. This gives the students a chance to be more involved with their senior class. With the money from fundraising, we would buy the amount of paint we would need, the brushes, and any other material that is needed. If there’s money left over we can donate that to our senior class trip, to prom, or even just for the school in general.

One more big valid reason: This year’s varsity team made it to playoffs for the first time since ‘09. The varsity team consists of a lot of seniors.

This Class of 2019 is the class to be remembered after we pass along and leave Foothill for good. We will be leaving with history made.



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