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Holiday shopping ideas for all Mustangs

A "Dear Santa" letter is a great way to create a shopping list -- for your parents to use! Photo by Daniel Clemons.

As the holidays are coming up, we all having shopping to do. It could be for family members, friends, or your significant other.

Even if you have to shop for all, there are ways you can do it without getting all stressed or any anxiety. You could possibly save money too.

With the holiday season, so many things come. There are so many activities to do also around holiday season. Here are ways you can have less stress, and anxiety, while saving money, and maybe some things to do in your free time.

Some stores do sales and savings for most of December. Macy’s for example, does “12 Days of Fun,” where they have different sales every day (ends 12/10). JCPenny has anywhere from 30-50% off (or more.) JCPenny sales clothes for women, men, and children. Hot topic has up to 50% off. Hot topic sells Harry Potter and a lot of cartoon stuff. It’s mostly a store for teenagers.

Most stories around have some kind of sale. Shopping on weekends can get hectic (even though a lot of people might shop online) with many people shopping and trying to get the best deals they can. Holiday stress can get to many people not only because of shopping but not knowing what to do.

With any spare time that you’ll have this holiday season, here are a couple things you might be able to do.

Christmas light looking! You can get in the car and drive around looking for Christmas lights, you could do it with a group of friends or family. My grandparents, my brother, and I have gone every year for the past couple years.

If you have siblings or any family you can watch holiday movies. Every year I try to sit with my brother and watch movies all day and eat popcorn. If you haven’t done so in a while, you can write a letter to Santa! you can write and send out Christmas cards saying thank you.

I’m sure that there are many more things to do for your holiday spirt this season. Hope this helped, in any way. Happy holidays!



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