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Q&A: How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What do you do?

1. Make pancakes (encased in a heart made of whipped cream) with strawberry in the middle.
2. Flowers for wife and daughters, with a short note.
3. Special dinner consisting of what they would like.

Dave Burns, Faculty

“I celebrate my valentine’s day with my significant other, baking cookies/brownies, and other activities.”

Amaton Kathy, 2020

“Valentine’s Day is my dad’s birthday. We usually go out to eat and celebrate with family.”

Jennifer Olivares, 2020

“I’m gonna cook dinner for my girlfriend and buy her candy, flowers, and a bear.”

Fernando Reyes , 2019

“I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day because I don’t have a reason to.”
Patricia Saelee, 2019

“I give my mother a gift along with my brother and sister.”
Aj Howard, 2019

“If I have a valentine’s then I buy lots of gifts for them. But usually I live it like any other day.”
Nasir Munchison, 2021

“I spend time with my girlfriend. I also give her gifts and take her out to eat.”
Marcus Weathersby, 2019

“I’m always single during Valentine’s Day so I don’t celebrate it, but I usually stay home and do homework or watch movies.”
Jamirah Walker, 2020

“I celebrate my Valentine’s Day with my girlfriend and most likely take her out to eat somewhere. I try to make that day all about her, like another birthday.”
Elijah Holiday, 2020

“I celebrate Valentine’s Day with my bed and movies but this year, I get to spend it with my boyfriend. I don’t know what we are doing.”
Rori Clarke, 2020

“For Valentine’s day I spend with my four brothers and grandma. And go to dinner.”
Janora Gage, 2019

“Re-watching classic 90’s comedy romance movies.”
Raymon Pesefea, 2019

“I celebrate valentine’s day by gifting friends and family.”
Aidan Fowler, 2022

“I celebrate valentines by giving friends gifts and receiving them.”
Jerhameel Allen, 2022

“I celebrate valentines day by giving and getting candy.”
Yahir Vega, 2022

‘’For Valentine’s Day I re-watch the Notebook with my sister.’’
Raymon Pesefea, 2019

‘’I’m lucky in that my wife doesn’t care about this manufactured holiday, so we don’t ‘’celebrate’’ it. I show my love and support continuously throughout the year.’’
Colin Baxter, Faculty

‘’I’m going to give someone something as a gift, and go to dinner.’’
Tyreque Stevenson, 2019

‘’It depends, but this year I’m going to hangout in downtown, and go karaoke.’’
Saphire Saleumsay, 2019

‘’This Valentine’s Day I will open up the snap from team Snapchat.’’
Elisay Makovey, 2019

“My husband and I don’t celebrate V-Day so this year we are taking or kids out, He is taking the girls and I am taking my son.”
Robyn Brown, Faculty

“My husband and I went on our first date on Valentine’s Day.”
Heather King, Faculty

“My fiancé and I don’t really celebrate just a card and a kiss. He spoils me all year long, so there’s no point in celebrating.”
Staci Lotempio, Faculty

“Valentine’s Day would be fun… if it wasn’t also stressful. Will he bring flowers? Will he forget? Does he care?”
Deborah Daniels, Faculty

“I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day so I use this to celebrate love in general.”
Windy Pappas, Faculty

“For Valentine’s Day I usually visit my grandma with flowers.”
Tomas Pacheco, 2019

“Valentine’s Day is my dad’s birthday. We usually go out to eat and celebrate with family.”
Jennifer Olivares, 2020

“Not really. You should be a decent significant other regardless of the day.”
CJ Davis, Faculty

“I celebrate valentine’s day by spending it with the people I love, this year, like last, with my boyfriend.”
Emma Lane, 2020

“I don’t celebrate valentine’s day usually, until this year, and I'm going to take my girlfriend out and do something nice.”
Dominic Vidales, 2020

“Well im lonely, so all I do is play video games, watch netflix/youtube, and eat a lot of food.”
William Harcourt, 2020

“I celebrate my valentine’s day with my woman and I buy her stuff to let her know that I love her.”
Elijah Holiday, 2020

“I don’t do much usually I just eat candy all day.”
Karen Buggs, 2019

“If I have a valentine then I get them a lil sum’ sum’ ; but usually I just live it like any other day and go home and eat dinner. My mom usually got chocolates for me though.”
Nasir Muchison, 2021

“I celebrate valentine’s day by always getting my family and friends a gift.”
Julie Blunt, 2019


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